Code Of Honor: The French Foreign Legion (2009)

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Code of Honor is a first-person shooter and puts you in the jungle boots of a soldier in The French Foreign Legion.

For almost two hundred years now, the French Foreign Legion has attracted adventurers from all over the world. One of them is Claude Boulet, a 26 year-old Parisian, brought up in harmony with tough street rules. The Legion was where he found his place, and it led him straight to the hellish African savanna. A revolution inspired by the African Revolutionary Group erupted in Ivory Coast. The FDSC government forces, and the European troops supporting them, were overwhelmed by a surprise attack. As a result the enemy possesses an impressive armory. Even worse is the fact that the rebels have taken over a transport of radioactive waste on its way from nuclear power plants.


• Legionnaire: you are a volunteer serving France faithfully and with honor.

• Respectful of the Legion's traditions, honor your superiors; discipline and comradeship are your strength, courage and loyalty your virtues.

• In combat , you will act without relish of your tasks, or hatred. You will respect the vanquished enemy and will never abandon neither your wounded nor your dead, nor will you under any circumstances surrender your arms.

• A mission, once given to you, becomes sacred to you. You will carry it out to the end, and at any cost.

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Minimum System Requirements

* 1.6 GHz Processor

* 512 MB RAM

* 128 MB 3D Video Card

* Win 98/ME/2K/XP

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